Posted on April 19, 2019
Tags: chinese

Learning Chinese has never been easier. It’s still a long journey but it’s not as hard as most people think.

I like Chinese because for me, it is a little bit more on the consistent side than some other languages (French, German). You don’t have to conjugate, you don’t have special past or future tenses and characters are built up from basic parts called radicals (often times visually displaying their meaning).

For me, the hardest parts about learning Chinese is writing the characters and voicing the tones correctly.

The most important part is having a solid grasp of the vocabulary first, then playing around with it by forming sentences, posing and answering questions. Many people skip learning the characters and learn just to speak which is a huge mistake because they then need to relearn the characters for all the words they supposedly already know.

Those are the apps / websites which I use:

  • Chinese language subreddit - all the stuff below I found through this subreddit, though it can be a bit daunting visiting it because many people there are on HSK 5 or HSK 6
  • pleco - everybody recommends this, this dictionary lets you type or draw Chinese words to look up. You can also look up the sub-characters of characters to better understand their meaning.
  • TOFU learn - a very good app for learning the vocabulary, I like it especially because its divided into sets that correspond to the HSK levels
  • helloChinese - this app is good for practising grammar and pronunciation, it is good for applying the learned vocabulary from TOFU learn
  • Wechat - all my Chinese friends use wechat, so it is a good opportunity to chat with them
  • HelloTalk - by the makers of helloChinese, this is an app that allows two people who learn their respective languages to help each other out
  • Ximalaya - podcasts and radio shows to improve listening comprehension
  • italki - online tutors

If you are also learning Chinese and have some great websites or apps, please let me know!